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Kuudes Silmä/The Splits-jengin uusi bändi ja musa jostain noiden välimaastosta.. synkkää rock'n'roll musiikkia, toimii!!
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Despite its relative brevity (at 43 minuntes it is Envy's shortest album since their early-'90s thrash days), "Atheist's Cornea" is easily the band's most progressive work. Beginning with a punishing pummel, holes of light are gradually punched open to reveal an uncanny series of dynamic, emotionally charged epics. Not only does "Atheist's Cornea" showcase some wholly unexpected new turns for Envy, it also often reaches transcendent heights that could overwhelm a major blockbuster film - all while vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa sings, screams and speaks like his life depended on it. "Atheist's Cornea" is the purest, most distilled example of Envy's brand of brilliance. It is also their bravest album, taking new risks with a much welcomed, broader vocal palette and an instrumental experimentation that navigates blistering shifts from impenetrable noise to poetic, pin-drop introspection with astounding grace. Envy has finally mastered the art of being effective and efficient without sacrificing an ounce of either - a truly inspired evolution from a band whose mastery of both remains unparalleled.
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Heavy-rock luminaries Kylesa tap into the infinite with their epic new album, "Exhausting Fire." "Exhausting Fire" sees the acclaimed band weave a lush tapestry of their storied sound that exudes confidence, conviction and class. The colossal riffs, dreamy and hypnotic song-craft and distinct call-and-response vocals crush and caress in equal measure. "Exhausting Fire" is as expressive and expansive as emotion itself and the definition of strength and elegance. This is Kylesa at their best.
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