PRODIGY : Music For The Jilted Generation 2xLP

PRODIGY : Music For The Jilted Generation 2xLP
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Classic Japanese hardcore/punk! Two songs recorded 2012 in Finland before their last Euro-tour!
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Hail the new dawn: LORD FIST are here to usher in the New Wave of Great Heavy Metal with their debut EP, Wordless Wisdom of Lord Fist. Firmly rooted in the steel-clad sounds at the turn of the ’80s, LORD FIST stride forth on golden steeds and exude rock 'n’ roll outlaw attitude, charging ahead with chugging, headbanging riffs, narrative and expressive solos, and old-soul vocal mysticism. Epic without overstating the fact, the title is no idle boast; LORD FIST indeed impart their wordless wisdom through eternal heavy metal magick. And with youth on their side and their ideals in the right place, this is only the beginning for LORD FIST...
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VENOM : Black Metal S T-paita
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