REALLY RED : New Strings For Old Puppets

REALLY RED : New Strings For Old Puppets
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Here in one place are all the highly sought after REALLY RED 7"s, plus more from the early days that's never been released in ANY form until now.

Starts with the KBD cult classic "Modern Needs" and the even rarer "Crowd Control" singles, followed by an unlikely punk cover of Petula Clark's "Downtown". Finally seeing the light for the first time is "Little Death", the song Jello wanted for the Alternative Tentacle's compilation "Let Them Eat Jellybeans", that only survived on a cassette he found in his vaults.

Then it's on to the hardcore era and the "New Strings..." EP itself. Then a final rewind to the live songs originally released as the "Official Bootleg". Despise Moral Majority". The sound is dramatically improved, and it ain't a muddy bootleg anymore!

This is one kickass album that holds together remarkably well, lovingly curated and re-mastered by Biafra with part 3 of David Ensminger's (Left Of The Dial) extensive interview with vocalist Ronnie Bond.

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