REALLY RED : Rest In Pain

REALLY RED : Rest In Pain
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REALLY RED was the backbone of Houston's underground from the early punk era clear through 80's hardcore. Like The Dicks in Austin, they directly challenged an insanely violent policed department at no small risk to their own lives. Their sound itself had more art and post-punk elements then most, with a musical and lyrical depth on par with bands like Mission of Burma, Wire, or Dead Kennedys. This collection presents the sound better then it has ever been, so hear them again for the first time - or the first time EVER.

Virus 455 "Volume 2: Rest In Pain" is at last, the long lost second album that hardly any of the REALLY RED fans back then knew existed! Unavailable for almost 30 years, now all tracks are restored for the first time ever, with vastly improved sound.

The Sound is fiercer and heavier, but still vintage REALLY RED. Now the damage of Reagan was now in everyone's face, and the music was the only thing about the 80's that didn't suck.

Side two shows the depth of their roots with an awesome Texas psycho cover of the Red Crayolas "War Sucks". Also comes with Part 2 of David Ensminger's (Left Of The Dial) interview with vocalist Ronnie Bond and re-mastering at Fantasy by Jello Biafra.

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"Crime" compiles the complete recorded legacy of "San Francisco's first and only rock and roll band". It includes three facsimile reproductions of Crime's original singles and four more 7"s featuring ten tracks recorded in 1977-1979 and unreleased at the time, among them a 'Be Bop A Lula/Peggy Sue' medley unavailable elsewhere until now.

The records are accompanied by a 20-page booklet with an extensive band interview by Michael Lucas, photos and memorabilia, plus a special text written by film director and Crime fan Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil And Daniel Johnston).
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Kadonnut post-punk klassikko rautaesiripun takaa!

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Here in one place are all the highly sought after REALLY RED 7"s, plus more from the early days that's never been released in ANY form until now.

Starts with the KBD cult classic "Modern Needs" and the even rarer "Crowd Control" singles, followed by an unlikely punk cover of Petula Clark's "Downtown". Finally seeing the light for the first time is "Little Death", the song Jello wanted for the Alternative Tentacle's compilation "Let Them Eat Jellybeans", that only survived on a cassette he found in his vaults.

Then it's on to the hardcore era and the "New Strings..." EP itself. Then a final rewind to the live songs originally released as the "Official Bootleg". Despise Moral Majority". The sound is dramatically improved, and it ain't a muddy bootleg anymore!

This is one kickass album that holds together remarkably well, lovingly curated and re-mastered by Biafra with part 3 of David Ensminger's (Left Of The Dial) extensive interview with vocalist Ronnie Bond.
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