SOUND, THE : In The Hothouse 2xLP

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Klassikko-live tuhtina kahden LP:n uusintapainoksena!

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At the time their third album was released, The Sound was one of the UK’s most acclaimed bands and were on the precipice of a commercial breakthrough. Having been upgraded from the Korova label (also home to Echo & the Bunnymen) to Warner Bros., the group was met with label demands to deliver a more commercial release. In what many consider to be a willfully defiant move, The Sound delivered the challenging and more experimental All Fall Down, a record many of their most ardent fans still consider their most accomplished. It remains one of the great post-punk albums of the early ’80s.
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Aliarvostettu enkkuklassikko.. synkkää post punk-tunnelmaa.
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Bändin toiseksi viimeinen hitti-LP Total Recallin, Under Youn ja Wildest Dreamsin...
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