STEEL NATION : Forever Wounded

STEEL NATION : Forever Wounded
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STEEL NATION began in April of 2005 in central Pennsylvania and has been a hardcore institution ever since. Ramping up the working person sensibilities of classic NYHC and Clevo hardcore, Steel Nation has a grit largely missing from punk today.

Proving that true creativity flourishes during adversity, Steel Nation has redefined the band on each release while overcoming personal obstacles that would have killed most acts. On its latest release, The Harder They Fall, the band offers a masters class in nuance. Straightforward hardcore bangers are given depth through smart playing that acknowledges the genre’s roots, but subtly moves the craft forward.
Fleminginkatu 11 - 00550 Helsinki - avoinna ma-pe: 11-18 la: 12-16 - puh: 040-6695556

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