WESTERLUND, JANNE : There's A Passage

WESTERLUND, JANNE : There's A Passage
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Uusi albumillinen karun kauniita lauluja. 5/5 !!!

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Wovenhand is a force to be reckoned with, and this has never been more evident than in their upcoming release, TEN STONES. Music that pulls you in like undertow on the North Atlantic and then catapults you into an expanse full of danger and mystery, TEN STONES is remarkable in its breadth, humanity, and power. Emotions are not merely juxtaposed, they are woven together--confusion and hope are intertwined, joy and terror run in and through each other, urgency and peace are experienced simultaneously. Wovenhand’s powerful and authoritative musicianship, coupled with lyrics that hit the mark with unflagging consistency, results in music that is driving, potent, and excruciatingly alive.

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