A DIY hardcore/punk/indie label from Germany

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3 uutta biisiä "Nonage" -sessioista!
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Portland-muusikkokrustien Wipers/Mission Of Burma/ym-henkinen bändi, loistavaa kamaa.. oikeasti hyviä biisejä löytyy!
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RITUAL CONTROL started in early 2013, drawing members from a healthy assortment of West Coast hardcore acts. After a demo recorded at Oakland‚Äôs Dutch Oven a few months in, the band‚Äôs first appearance was a modest side show at Austin‚Äôs Chaos In Tejas, just a few blocks from the site where FRAMTID AND TERVEET KADET were tearing the house down. A few months later, with an EP on Residue and a new guitarist in tow, RC hit the northwest, and then recorded the Inoculation ep at Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, CA before a short trip to Texas and Mexico. Sharp, heavy, and disconcerting hardcore ‚Äď maybe they sound like the product of a combination of the members‚Äô other bands, or maybe they just sound like RITUAL CONTROL.
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2 ekaa hittiseiskaa samalla 12" vinyylillä!
Fleminginkatu 11 - 00550 Helsinki - avoinna ma-pe: 11-18 la: 12-16 - puh: 040-6695556

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